Wine Knowledge – becoming a Wine Connaisseur in 3 hours

In 3 hours, we will introduce you to the world of wine, and to becoming a wine connaisseur. See, smell, taste: discover the world of wine with us. We will show you how to taste wine like a pro and introduce you to how wines taste different from one another. We will also give you tips what to look out for when buying wine. We will taste “classic” grape varieties, providing you with your own reference framework when regarding the variety of grapes and wine styles. In a parallel tasting, you will taste characteristic differences and finally a blind tasting will challenge all your senses.

We start with an aperitif and taste at least 6 wines. Various cheese specialties from Affineur Waltmann with different types of bread and fruit components create an invigorating base for the wines.

Beginn: 07:00 pm Uhr
Kosten pro Person: 95,00 €

Freitag, 5. April 2024