Wine Discovery Tour

This is a wine seminar for those who already have some knowledge about wine, know what they like and are curious about exploring the world of wine further.

For an initial overview, we talk about the most important wine-growing countries and their most important wines. With helpful information, you can better classify the information on a wine label without having tasted the wine beforehand, thus avoiding bad purchases.

How does maturity change the taste of the wine? The best way to find out is to taste a young and a mature wine side by side. You can also explore whether you like the notes of maturity in a wine.

What influence does the cultivation method of the vines have on the taste of the wine? This is also best found out by tasting exemplary wines.

Today, there are wine styles that particularly challenge our nose and palate. What is it about these wines? What does a wine that has been fermented and stored in amphorae taste like? What does orange wine mean?

There is a lot to discover and taste and you can broaden your wine horizons in a pleasant way. We will taste at least seven wines. The focus is on the wine, but the wines will be accompanied by an assortment of fine cheeses from Affineur Waltmann and delicious bread varieties.

Beginn: 07:00 pm Uhr
Kosten pro Person: 105,00 €

Freitag, 5. Juli 2024